Thursday, September 30, 2010

11:59. Bracelets and a video. Maybe some randomness.

Hey kids! Long time :D Yes it's been a while. To those who actually enjoy reading my ramblings with some added typos: I apologize. Honestly, I think I'm just at a loss for things to blog about. I know what you're thinking: "What about finishing the 11:59 blogging?" Oh I will. Soon. I hope. :D

As most of you may already know, I had the "bright idea" of making a charm bracelet for myself to wear to Ryan Star's Sept 22nd show. I put "bright idea" in quotes because after a while, it didn't seem like such a bright idea. That was my own stress level getting to me though. I'm happy with the now finished product. Beyond happy actually. He liked it. Even told me to post a picture of it on Which I did. Hey, you do what the man tells you to do, ok? :P Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes...

So as I was looking around for supplies, I discovered that buying everything in bulk would actually be a lot less expensive. Unfortunately after looking around, not everything I liked was available in bulk. For those items I opted for buying 10 of each of those items. Which means I will be able to make 9 extra bracelets that I decided to sell.

If you're interested in one, the price is $14.00. Shipping has already been factored in and it includes a confirmation number. :D

Please note that I discovered a little TOO late, that the electric guitar charms and the bass guitar charms are nearly identical. I'm not quite sure how I managed to overlook that AFTER the fact, but there you have it. *sigh* They will be put opposite of each other though lol So the bass guitar charm will be next to the drumset charm and and the electric guitar next to the solid star. Second, the other bracelets will include a lobster clasp instead of the toggle clasp that is pictured. I ended up buying the toggle clasp as a just in case, because I was afraid the other clasps wouldn't arrive in time for the show. They didn't.

Edit: The awareness ribbons came in and I was able to -FINALLY- complete my bracelet. And here is the final picture:

If you do order one, I will let you know when I will be shipping out your bracelet.

Here is what you do if you're intereseted in purchasing a bracelet:

I need a measurement of your wrist. If you're not sure what your wrist measures, the simplest way would be to take cloth measuring tape and measure, wrap it around your wrist, the way you'd like your bracelet to fit. Measuring in inches. If you don't have cloth measuring tape, take a piece of string/yarn, wrap it around your wrist, (like a bracelet :D) again, the way you'd like your bracelet to fit and go ahead and use a ruler to measure the string.

Once you have all that figured out, you can make a payment through Paypal to

- In the notes section include the measurement info.


- In the notes section, also please include your shipping address.

-Use the "Personal" tab rather than the "Purchase" tab on Paypal. :D

I THINK that's all for now. I may have overlooked some information (lack of sleep does that to you) so if you have any questions let me know either on Twitter or you can also email me to the email address above.

To close this blog, allow me to leave you (for some of you, once again :D) with a video of one of the coolest things I've ever experienced. Ryan Star treated us to a special performance of 11:59 after the show. Enjoy!

Thanks a bunch, kids!