Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thirty songs in thirty days and twenty-eight things that I twenty-eight days.

That's a very long title. The blog gods must hate me by now. :)

Anyway, hello kids!!! As some of you may or may not know, there is a 30 day song challenge happening right now. What is it? Well, read about it on Brooke White's blog.

I just read about it on Twitter last night and I've decided that I would participate, but I will be starting on Tuesday Feb 1st. I will be using my Tumblr account since it automatically sends my posts to Twitter.

But, what is this "twenty-eight things that I love" thing? Well, in addition to partaking in the 30 day song challenge, I have decided to start my own challenge. I think I've neglected this blog long enough and it's time I do something about it.

Last night I started making a list of things that I love. Things that just make me happy. After all, Valentine's Day is coming up. OK fine, I can't stand the actual "holiday" but that's beside the point. =P

Every day in the month of February I will randomly choose something off my list and blog about it. But I won't just be writing about it, I will be putting my (very limited) photography skills to work and SHOW you my blog subject.

So there you have it, kids. If you're interested in learning a bit more about me (because apparently I don't share enough on Twitter =P) then watch out for my Tumblr posts and links to my blog starting Tuesday!

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!!