Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last 24 hours...

...have been a little rough.

As some of you might remember, I requested some prayers last week for my mom. A couple weeks ago she had to do a routine mammogram and it showed "something" so she underwent a biopsy last week.

Yesterday she heard back from the doctor and was given a breast cancer diagnosis.

After having met with the doctor later in the afternoon, it was determined that it was caught VERY early and her prognosis is good. - There's a chance the tumor was removed completely during the biopsy but they're not 100% sure yet.

At this point she's just waiting to see a financial specialist to see if she qualifies for assistance for cost of the treatment. Once that's resolved, she'll see a specialist to begin treatment which will likely be radiation.

So there it is. - I mean, as shitty as this disease is, I'm trying to stay positive. Not only for my family but for myself. I'm confident. Now. It took me a bit to get here, I won't lie. But just knowing that the rest of my family are coping well, makes it easier for me.