Friday, May 28, 2010

RStar Project.

*Note* One of the main reasons I decided to do this, is because I am unable to attend Ryan's CD release on Aug 3rd. But this little project isn't just for those who can't attend.

Alright kids, so here's the deal: I came up with the idea of giving Ryan a little something in honor of his CD release. We all know he loves to hear from the fans. My first thought was to ask everyone to write him a letter. And then I would organize them all in a scrapbook. Well, I'm really not all that creative. I probably couldn't put together a scrapbook without freaking out. :D

So when I went shopping the other day, I came across some 5x7 cards. (in various pastel colors :D) Each comes with its own envelope. *EDIT* And this what they look like (please excuse my poor picture taking skills):

The basic letter idea still stands, except it will be downsized.

If you want to participate, it's pretty simple: you have a 5x7 sized card to work with. Write him anything you want. You will then email it to me and I will print it off on the cards. Once I've printed off everyone's cards, I will then organize them in a *keepsake box. A couple pictures of the box can be seen below. The deadline for the project is Monday July 26th.

REGARDING DELIVERY: Someone has now offered to deliver the project to Ryan! (Thank you so much, Emily!) She and I will work out the details of the delivery. In the meantime, give me something to deliver! Send in your notes!

Please email me at (please incl. "RStar Project" in the subject line):

-If you'd like to participate. I need an approximate idea of how many people, in case I need to buy more cards. I'd like to get them before I completely run out.

-When you are ready to have me print your note off.

-If you have any other questions.

Thanks a lot kids!!!!


  1. This is a great idea. Count me in!! :)

  2. Thanks Nicole! I knew I could count on you! :D

  3. Awesome! I love this idea! Now I just have to figure out what I want to say on mine.

    By the way, I'm juls828 on Twitter.

  4. Hello! I'll put my thinking hat on and send in a card. I'm unable to attend the opening - so this is a great way to let Ryan know we support him even though we can't be there.

  5. Does Trey know about the project? Maybe he could help spread the word to more fans.