Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Bucketlist

So I decided that it was time for me to make a bucketlist. You know, a list of things I want to do before I die. Actually started this a few months ago but I'm just now putting in a blog.  A lot of these (ok most of them) are music related. But honestly, the past couple of years of my life have been mostly about music. So it's not surpising. I've been blessed to to able to cross a few of these off in the past few months. I'll be adding on as I think of more. So here you go, my bucketlist:

  • Meet David Cook and the rest of the band. (October 23rd, 2011)
  • Get a hug from David Cook.
  • Get a hug from Neal Tiemann.
  • Give David Cook a “Word Nerds Conquer Cancer” necklace. (Mission accomplished! He liked it!)
  • Be front row at a David Cook concert
  • Get a drumstick from Kyle Peek.
  • Meet Kyle Peek.
  • Get a hug from Kyle Peek. 
  • Meet Joey Clement
  • Ask Joey Clement if I can touch his hair. :D
  • Go to a Kris Allen concert
  • Meet Kris Allen and the band.
  • Tell Kris Allen how many times I voted for him during the finale :D
  • Participate in the Race for Hope
  • Raise $1000 for ABC2 - What? I’ve gotta start small ;)
  • Meet Lindsey Rose
  • Go to a SafetySuit concert
  • Meet SafetySuit
  • Go to a Green River Ordinance concert.
  • Meet Green River Ordinance
  • Sit in front of Bear at a NeedToBreathe concert. (He smiled at me 50 thousand times!)
  • Go to a Ryan Star concert
  • Get a guitar pick at a Ryan Star concert
  • Visit New York City
  • Go to a Ryan Star concert in New York City
  • Hear Ryan Star perform "Unbreak" live (OK yes this one is beyond my control, but it would make my life!)
  • Hear David Cook perform "Makeover" (Again, beyond my control)
  • Give Ryan Star a “Word Nerds Conquer Cancer” necklace  (I'm only assuming I can cross this off. Technically I gave it to Serena to give to Ryan)
  • Get Ryan Star to answer one of my random questions on Twitter (Aaaaand it was iCarly related. Of course!)
  • Put together a  benefit concert with proceeds going to ABC2 (David Cook, Ryan Star, GRO, Safetysuit, Kris Allen, Sleeperstar, NeedtoBreathe, Kelly Clarkson) - I’m sure there are more I would like to include but I cant think right now.
  • Meet all my favorite Twitter people! <3
  • Get a guitar pick from Seth Bolt. And I mean, handed TO ME BY HIM! :D
  • Get a picture with Seth Bolt. A good one, with my arm around him.
  • Get a drumstick from Joe Stillwell
  • Get a normal hug from Bo Rinehart. - If you don't know the story, feel free to ask! :D
  • Start a "GRO Support" fund.
  • Book one (or a couple) of my favorite bands for my birthday. :D
  • Meet the cast of Glee.
  • Get a hug from Kevin McHale
  • Get a hug from Dianna Agron
  • Ask Mark Salling to sing to me :D
  • Adopt Chris Colfer
  • Have lunch a meal with Ryan Star. Really, any meal will do. :D
  • Travel for a Ryan Star show.  (Tucson was a million kinds of amazing!)

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