Sunday, March 10, 2013

You Should Know Better.

The title of my blog? Yeah, it's a song. - By Andy Grammer. If you haven't checked out his music then we can't be friends. Or you could check out his music and save this friendship. If you've checked him out and you don't like him each their own...I guess. Freak. *cough* Sorry, that's not the point of this blog. Moving on.

The point? Well, in the spirit of being a responsible adult and holding myself accountable for the shit that I do (or don't do) and blah blah blah...ahem...I have decided to admit: This weight loss thing? I am officially 10 days in and ain't going...well.

Last Saturday was my first day back at the gym since about 1993. No, just kidding. It was last July, actually.

As you all may or may not know I have lost 18lbs since then. Unfortunately  I don't really know how it happened. Except for having gotten sick for 3 months. Pretty sure I lost a good chunk during that time. Well, having lost those 18lbs (no matter how it happened) gave me the motivation to start on this journey again. Getting past the first goal hump made it seem much more attainable.

So after my doctor's appointment in February (which having GONE to the doctor? That in itself was a breakthrough. Hate going to the doctor) I decided that I would give this another go. I wrote down 3 pages of goals: Nutritional and exercise. And some that didn't fit in either list.  (I've gone to bed at 10pm exactly TWICE) I figured if I wrote things down, I would be more likely to follow through.

That gym thing? I was supposed to go again on Monday AND Thursday but honestly, I think I sent my body into shock or something because I was in some serious pain from Sunday morning to about Thursday afternoon. Heating pads and ibuprofen were my best friends during that time. It was NOT pretty. At all. And yesterday, I couldn't make it out there cause my dad was crazy busy with errands and they close the gym at 2pm.

The food thing? I ate like shit, people. LIKE. SHIT. - I ate fast food TWICE. That I remember. And I drank soda. OhMyGoodness. Not only THAT but I overate pretty much every single day this week. I don't even know WHAT that was about. Seriously, if you put something in front of me, I would have devoured it like I was being paid to. Even if I had JUST eaten. I am ashamed to admit it. And I FELT gross afterwards, too. Like, not just physically, but I just...mentally beat myself up. I know that's not right either but...some of you have read my FB statuses, I'm not all there, at the moment so it made it SO much easier to just be pissed off and convince myself that I deserved to feel shitty.

So now that I have gotten all THAT off my chest, my calorie "allowance" "re-starts" back up again tomorrow. I will try to go to the gym if my dad can drive me, and I will switch my weigh-in day to Mondays. I have to re-do my entire schedule though. Oy. I can't promise that I will definitely go the gym. Again, sometimes shit happens and I can't get out there. (Someone buy me a car. And teach me to drive it. Don't forget to draw up your will.) . I WILL promise this though: If I can't get to the gym, I will work out on Wii boxing for at least 45 minutes. You read it here. If I haven't worked out by 6pm (MY TIME, PEOPLE!) please yell at me. And if you live anywhere near me, come take away my techy toys. Except for my iPod. I can't work out without music.

That's it. I guess. - So for those of you non-Andy Grammer fans, since I couldn't find a good video of the song I used for my blog title, I will leave you with the video of what I THINK is the latest single (which really came out in September): Miss Me. - Cause I mean...glow sticks. And Andy on a rooftop. Why wouldn't you want to watch it?

Peace out kiddies. And again, thank you for getting through my nonsense.


P.S. When I clicked on the video, there was an ad with Justin Timberlake in it. Since a bunch of you are in JT mode since last night's SNL, I thought you'd like to know that both JT and AG beatbox. And they're both so damn good at it. They should battle it out. For serious. That would be amazingness. Ok, NOW I'm done.

"And I promise you this, you're gonna miss me. As long as you live, you're gonna miss me."

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