Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brand New Day

So I have decided that starting today, I will blog 11:59. What does that mean? Well every day starting today, until August 20th, which is the day of the Scottsdale show (which I will be attending, thank you very much. Be jealous =P) I will post a blog with the title of a song from 11:59. (In the order in which they appear on the CD. Ex. First blog: Brand New Day, last blog: 11:59) And yes, I will do the deluxe version! :D In the blog I will share my favorite lyrics from the song, and a YouTube video of a live performance.

Today I present to you: Brand New Day. (In case you didn't see the title up there :D)

Favorite Lyrics: "They say we're dreaming too big, I say this town's too small."

The video above was taken at the Mix 969 event in February. I was there! :D (Credit goes to: xXDavidCookFanXx)

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  1. Wasn't he just AMAZING solo that day? I can't wait to see him with a full band playing. Meeting him at this event seriously made me a fan for life. He's brilliant.