Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank you Ryan Star!


Alright, so obviously I'm breaking my blog tradition by not using the title of a song. I was going to go with a Ryan Star song since this IS about the second most epic day of my life. The first of course, being the first time I met Ryan on February 21st, 2010. BUT I'm already going to use songs from 11:59 to continue my Lyrics/Video blogs. Yes I'm going to keep going. It was suppose to be completed by the night of the show, I KNOW! I've been lazy, and to be honest quite unmotivated. But, I digress. Disclaimer: You all should be used to the way I recap/blog. I’ll probably share random things that aren’t even relevant and I will paraphrase and probably recount things in the wrong order. But anyway, let's get to the point now, shall we?


As most of you may or may not know, I went to the Mix Unplugged performance. Not because I won them by calling. (I guesstimate that about 100 calls were made and I got through about, hmm 4 times in three days.) Also, not because Ryan invited me. Lord knows I tried harassing the boy. I should stop, it never works. :D But all because my buddy, the most awesome "Awesome Girl" on the planet, Laura got a chance to go (THANKS TO RYAN!) and she invited me to go with her. Words cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to this girl. Laura, if you're reading this: I fricking love you to pieces and I will never be able to thank you enough! :D

Let the epicness begin:

I got to the station at about 11:00. I wasn’t suppose to be there until 11:30 though so I waited outside the building until Laura got there. I stayed in the shade, pretty close to the door. But I quickly realized waiting outside was NOT the wisest idea. I started getting a massive headache and mildly nauseous. I should have known better.

Once Laura showed up we went inside and hung out by the elevators, waiting for someone from the station to check us in. A few people were already waiting. We were there for about 15 minutes when we look outside and see a van pull up. We see Ryan and his people walking in carrying a bunch of stuff. Ryan looked over at Laura and I, smiled and asked how we were doing. I responded with “Morning, big head.” Clearly my attempt at being playful was lame. And kind of mean. But he either ignored it or didn’t hear me because he didn’t react. He just smiled at us. Ryan if ever read this and you heard me, I apologize. Let’s blame my lack of sleep ok? If not…uhm, just kidding…? ;D

A few minutes after Ryan went upstairs, someone from the station came down and started checking people in. One of the girls recognized us from the Jason Castro Unplugged back in April. :D After Laura and I had checked in, we all just hung out by the elevators for a while longer. When it was time for us to go upstairs, Laura and I were escorted separately from everyone else. And it just so happened that my favorite Mix DJ was the one to do that. He doesn’t believe that he’s my favorite, but it’s true. His name is AJ. He’s freaking awesome!

AJ then escorted us to a conference room where they had pizza and drinks for us. Laura and I didn’t want to eat so we just sat there and talked. I did down an entire bottle of water faster than I ever have in my life. It helped with my nausea just a little. We spent a good amount of time cracking up at our own weird ass jokes. :D We (OK I) were also harassing AJ. That’s always fun. He fights back and I love that! We were there for quite a while. AJ kept coming in and giving us updates. Which mostly consisted of “Ryan is still sound checking. Thriving Ivory isn’t here yet.”

When it was FINALLY time for us to take our seats, we all walked over to another room. Thriving Ivory were up first. Lead singer Clayton, guitarist Drew and drummer Paul were there. They did three songs. When I first heard that Ryan was going on tour with them, I listened to their music. Eh, not my thing. BUT, I’m not going to lie, I liked their acoustic performances more than I thought I would.

A few points that I remember clearly during the performance/interview portion: 1) Clayton mentioned that he is getting married pretty soon. 2) While the DJ was talking to Clayton, I guess Drew needed to unplug his guitar, but he had to ask someone in the back, Clayton noticed that Drew was pointing to the cord and said “Are you breaking stuff already?!“ haha! 3) The DJ commented on them having a very unique sound. Clayton said “Thank you. It’s better than hearing I sound like a girl.“ The DJ said “What? You’ve been told that?“ Clayton says “Yeeeah a few times.“.I didn’t really think that was funny, but I just remember that. Oh well.

Afterwards we all got in line for pics and autographs. Yes, I had to spell my name for Clayton :D They’re really nice guys too, btw. So yeah, pretty good experience with Thriving Ivory. :D About that night, honestly, I would have stuck around for their show if I was feeling ok. But I wasn’t. I still felt sick from earlier. I made my way to the side of the stage before they hit the stage. The plan was to watch while waiting on my sister to pick me up. I felt kind of bad though, because Drew was standing by the side of the stage as I was making my way over, he saw me and he recognized me from earlier. He just smiled, said hi and asked how I was doing. Didn’t try to talk to me much. :D

Now back to the Unplugged thing. Shortly after Thriving Ivory walked out, the DJ introduced Ryan. He and Dallin took their places. He started out by doing Brand New Day.

I guess this is where I tell you the points I remember clearly during the performance/interview portion: 1) Ryan said he loves Phoenix, he credits Mix 969 for being one of the first stations to play Breathe. 2) He thanks Ron Price (Mix DJ, main music person …or something) in the liner notes of 11:59. 3) He’s going to appear on the Rachael Ray show pretty soon. :D

He then sang the following, in that order:

Right Now
Last Train Home
Start a Fire

Star a Fire with Ryan on the keyboard and Dallin banging on the drums, was the most amazing thing I have ever heard. Ever! Watch. It. Here.

Afterwards Ryan started signing autographs and taking pics. When it was my turn, he just grabbed a chair and sat next to me. He looks at me and says “Did you sleep ok?‘ I said “No, not really.” I don’t think he said anything after that.

I should explain why he asked that. Although, if I’m being honest, it didn’t really hit me until after I got home. Anyway, a couple days prior I tweeted the following: “I got three hrs of sleep, and had a dream that I missed @RyanStar's show on Friday. Fanfuckingtastic night! Ugh” And apparently he remembered. I love him. That is all.

So we pose for a pic and then he just moved on to Laura. Suddenly, I remembered I had brought my CD with me so when he was done chatting with Laura, I asked him to sign it. For those who missed my tweet, the conversation went something like:

Me: Can you sign this, please?
Ryan: No!
Me: OK let me rephrase: Sign. This. Now!
Ryan: Haha! That’s what I’m talking about!

He takes my CD and before he signs it he looks be dead in the eyes and says: “You gave me the box, didn’t you?” I was so taken aback by that, that all I could do was nod. Then, “Thank you. That was the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me. I carry it all the time. It‘s always in the van with me. It means the world to me.”

My brain couldn’t process that. All I could do was say “OK” and give him a hug. He signs my CD and says, “We’ll talk later.”

I chatted a few minutes with Laura and a couple other people we met then I was off to go home and get ready for that night.

I’m sure you’re all aware that his show was canceled because he got sick. I was really bummed. More than I let on, to be honest. The only thing that kept me from crying is the fact that I was more worried about him getting better. He’ll be back soon enough and I’ll be there to watch him do what he does best.

Even knowing what I know now, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. Only for my Cookie Monster. :D

Until next time.

Oh wait, one more thing: I lied. THIS day was the most epic day of my life.

PS When he comes back around, I'll talk to him more about the project. Because it wasn't just me who made it possible. Everyone who participated made it all possible, and I am beyond grateful to you! <3

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